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Hottest month of the year in New Delhi, India

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Recent Trip to India May 2015.


2015-05-19 13.39.43



While preparing for this trip I have learned that the month of May is the hottest month in New Delhi, India in terms of average yearly temperature. So next time when you decide to take a trip to India take the hot weather into consideration.


First taxi ride in India


My first and probably biggest surprise was how people drive there. I am a very experienced driver myself but I probably would not drive very far in the city without scratching someone’s car or getting into some kind of accident.

During our four days in New Delhi, we took taxi multiple times to drive around the city primarily because it was extremely hot (over 40 degrees °C) to walk on the streets during the day.

One time we took a day long tour to visit Taj Mahal which is located in the city of Agra around 230 kilometers from New Delhi. I plan to create separate post for this trip because I believe it deserves a special attention.

Drivers in India are very special, particularly Taxi drivers.


Taxi drivers in India are awesome

New Delhi is at once beautiful, unique, rich and poor, new and ancient, very vibrant and chaotic at times but at the same time full of calm places.


Some random pictures of New Delhi

2015-05-18 02.39.51

2015-05-20 02.47.52





2015-05-20 02.44.21



View of the city from our hotel room

2015-05-20 17.44.32



The most popular type of public transportation is called AUTO RICKSHAW

2015-05-20 17.28.23



Inside one of the local Starbucks

2015-05-20 16.36.30



Just came out of the Starbucks

2015-05-20 06.47.02



One of the local newspapers




Restroom entrance at New Delhi airport

2015-05-18 01.12.31



There is even Victoria Secret at New Delhi airport




Our fairly short trip to India was packed with unusual experience, matchless impressions and unique emotions. We were so glad that we were able to visit this wonderful, exclusive, multilingual and multi-ethnic country full of one of a kind places like Taj Mahal.


If I would be asked to describe the country of India with one word based on what we saw and experienced, I would say that word would be POVERTY   


Typical tourists from westernized world cannot run or hide from poverty while roaming the streets of New Delhi. As soon as you step out of the airport you start experience it right away.


One of the dentists provides dental care right on the street



It is so sad that India as one of the biggest world economies, continues to face challenges of poverty, corruption, inadequate public healthcare and terrorism.

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